The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Monday, October 22, 2018

GUNBOAT & DHOW! Rules for River Combat


Fast Play Rules for Conducting River Combat (A TSATF Variant)

1st Edition Created by Dan Gurule with Co-Author Jeff Baumal

Last Stand Boatyard

Dan and I are keeping the flame burning, TSATF flame that is, lol. Well we've finally done it. The riverine battles supplement  discussed has finally been released! Below is the intended release blog post. I really do believe these rules work exceptionally well with the core TSATF and gives us a great option to play riverine battles and naval actions. And they are BIG FUN, just as Larry would've wanted it.

Gunboat and Dhow!The Sword and the Flame supplement for your riverine battles has been released.  The first edition of Gunboat and Dhow! written by Dan Gurule and Jeff Baumal was introduced and released at the HMGS-South Hurricon convention this last weekend.  This is the riverine set of rules that has been used in local club play at the Colorado Military Historians (
) and South Florida Miniature Gamers clubhouse ( These rules first saw the light of day at the Sergeants 3 The Sword And The Flame convention Colonial Barracks in NO ( and play tested at many HMGS-South conventions (

About the rules and origin, from Dan's Website:

It has been a few years since we started modifying some rules that worked a little more smoothly with our favorite set of Colonial rules The Sword and The Flame by Larry Brom.  The main purpose of these rules was to keep them fast moving and play as close as possible to TSATF so that players picked them up quickly.  Another big influence was to retain the flavor of the period as much as we could keeping those basic principles in mind.  

This 1st Edition of Gunboat& Dhow! (G&D!) will be followed by a booklet which will include scenarios with some new and advanced rules.  When we say advanced rules, we don’t mean more complex just additional scenario specific rules because we never want to bog down your games with too much detail. There are  some other very good rule sets out there that can give you a little more complexity to satisfy other gaming styles, we just like our rules to be fast, exciting, and fun!

The 1st Edition has 22 pages which include rules, game play examples and a Quick Reference Sheet.  You will also see some familiar pictures from various battles. They are meant to cover river actions which would include units of Gunboats, Dhows and shore batteries or amphibious operations which include actions with both river and land based troop units. 

As an example of game play mechanics, as in normal TSATF when you fire you use d20’s to hit, then draw cards for casualties.  In G&D! it works the same way.  Depending on the gun you are firing you still use d20’s.  For damage, you still draw cards but in this case damage values are dealt out and face cards do various critical damage to your boat(s) or shore battery.  Gunfire on ground units is worked out using the normal TSATF charts and rules.

Boat Data Sheets are available digitally.  They provide everything you need to maneuver and fight your boat.  There are so many types of boats that including them in a hardcopy of the rules uses way too much paper.  Once purchased, you simply send an email to the Authors Dan or Jeff, and we will send them right out to you.  These boat sheets are pre-filled using boat data from the line of boats available from the Last Stand Boatyard.  These of course are provided in a format that you can modify to fit your own flotillas.  Plenty of Boat Data tables again based on these boats will provide you a baseline for your own boats. 

 They are available in hard copy or PDF.  Please take a look at for a copy.  

If you have any questions or comments please send them to Sgt. Guinness or myself.  If there is enough interest we will start a group to further enhance or explain any rules, a place to provide your After Acton Reports, Scenario ideas, etc. 

We hope you enjoy the rules and that they possibly help fill a gap in your current battles.  Thanks and Remember to “Always Send a Gunboat!”

Copies of the rules can be purchased directly from Dan's website below.

Daniel Gurule (Last Stand Dan)
Last Stand Boatyard
Rules and Boat website:
Jeff Baumal (Sgt. Guinness)
Last Stand Boatyard
Rules and Boat website:

Take care and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best regards,
Sgt Guinness 


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