The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Hun, The Frog, & The Lion!

                                       The Hun, The Frog, & The Lion!

A Fictional Scenario For The Sword And The Flame.

Bearing Only The Slightest Resemblance To A Certain Well Known Film. By Patrick R. Wilson & Richard Houston, and recently adapted by the nefarious Sgt. Guinness to suite his own misguided imagination. In addition Patrick Wilson of TVAG has been working with me to update the game maps as well as undertaking additional support and assistance with this project that he had originally completed many years ago.......
Check out Patrick's website of great hobby wares.

BY JINGO - Colonial Wargames 

The Situation

It is dawn, March 22, 1903.

Out of indigo shadows on the Mediterranean, a small force of elite Marines in long boats silently rows into the port of Mogadir, pirate capitol of the Moroccan coast.  A sun baked hell hole by day, Mogadir is the lair of the infamous brigand Emir Ali-ben-Fulin-Arown who fancies himself the next Bashaw of Morocco.  Besides banditry inland and all along the coast, he has lately begun stopping foreign shipping and helping himself to such cargoes as serve his schemes for power.  Not incidentally, this has put the legitimate government in danger of being deposed by any of several European powers looking for an excuse to intervene and "civilize" the last independent Muslim state west of Constantinople.
The pot boiled over five days ago when the newly appointed German envoy, Graf Manfred von Kriegslieber, Kaiser Wilhelm’s favorite delivery boy, was kidnapped off the packet boat from Marseilles en route to Tangier.  Seizing the opportunity to be a player in North Africa, Berlin made the impossible demand that the Moroccan Government find and free the envoy in just three days or stand aside while the Kriegsmarine resolved the problem.  The Bashaw in Tangier promised to send a rapid desert strike force towards Mogadir but with a strong statement that Morocco would defend its sovereignty if need be. Berlin was not impressed--and neither was Paris.  

Telegram to the German Foreign Ministry:
"The Bashaw expresses his deepest regrets over this incident and solemnly promises to rescue the Kaiser’s envoy.  However, the Bashaw, The Great and Powerful Defender Of The Faithful, also pointedly reminds His Majesty’s Government that any foreign intervention in Morocco's internal affairs or violation of her sovereignty will be met with the wrath of Allah".

Kaiser Wilhelm II to a London Times reporter, March 18, 1903.
"Bei der Herr Gott, vee’ll civilize zese savages if vee haf to machine gun und bayonet every vun of zem!

French Prime Minister, to a Le Figaro reporter, March 19, 1903.
"It is the sacred duty of France to bring these misguided children of the desert the blessings of French Culture, Shrapnel, & Quick Firing Cannon.

Madame La Republique, already deeply invested in North Africa, was not willing to share their Empire of sand and scorpions with anyone, least of all the Germans, and France has long had eyes on Morocco itself.  However, as they have no legal right to forbid unilateral action, Paris has insisted on a joint operation, sweetening the deal by offering a force of marines, sailors and transport better suited to Mogadir’s shallow waters.  Berlin’s blustering aside, only a small force of the 1st Seebattaillon is in the Med on a cruiser whose deep draft makes it impossible to cooperate.  Thus an uneasy alliance has been cobbled together by telephone (French telephone at that!) and the operation has already begun.

Here is the game map for this scenario, which we, SMG, The Southern Miniatures Gamers, will be running at HMGS-South's Recon-2017 convention in Orlando Fl. this coming May 2017.  Check out the link for the con and club details.

Stay tuned for more updates and WIP reports on the pieces made for this scenario and prep for this massive game........

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sudan 1881 - Gunboat #77 To The Rescue!

                                Sudan 1881 - Gunboat #77 To The Rescue!

As the Ansar horde charges home to decimate the Egyptian landing forces Gunboat #77 steams to the rescue spitting lead as fast as she can!


Aba Island 1881, is the first clash of arms between the expected one, the self proclaimed Mahdi, and the Egyptian Khedive. This is the backdrop for my con game scenario which I ran at an HMGS-South convention called Hurricon in Orlando Florida in September of 2016.

Here’s a link to the HMGS South club and cons:


I first learned about this battle form George Carr Jr at a Historicn convention many years ago. Despite doing extensive reading on the Mahdist uprising, the Sudan, and the re-conquest campaigns of the Anglo Egyptian forces I’d never come across this small but pivotal battle before. George had run this scenario for us using his great Ral Partha collection and homemade boat. I was hooked!!!! The battle went very quickly with the Egyptians being wiped out in a few turns so we switched sides and played it again. We had a blast and ever since that day I’d become interested in this battle. Thank you George! Over the years I researched the battle myself and altered his scenario for a larger group of people so I could run large convention games.

The flags used are all from the excellent "The Flag Dude" range by Rick O'Brien. The only exception is this green Egyptian standard made by one of our groups daughter with an image supplied by me. We affectionately call our flags Izzy Co. Flags.


        Now, onto the scenario…….

Hunt for the Mahdi, Aba Island, 12 August 1881:
An expedition is being formed for the capture of a very dangerous fugitive who is calling himself the prophet, the expected one, the Mahdi. He has already refused to come to Khartoum as directed and has declared a holy war against the Khedive of the Egyptian govt. Two companies of troops will be sent to Aba Island by steamer to hunt down and capture or kill this criminal. Whichever officer captures this criminal, promotion is theirs! The other officer will face a fate worse than death, a small command in the outer reaches and wastes of the southern Soudan!

In this battle the Officer in overall command and the attached political Officer did not agree on the tactics to be employed or on a common plan of action. Thus they landed troops piecemeal as soon as they arrived to the island without any coordination. To represent this challenge to the Egyptian commander I have split his landing force into (2) separate commands and mandated that they are not allowed to coordinate their actions and must land on opposite sides of the island. Satellite photos of  Aba Island today shows the terrain as not being a true island but more of a peninsula, I have modeled it as a true island for this game as it was called an island so it has been made as such. The modern satellite photos may have been taken during the dry season so the Nile level may have been low.

Here is a link for a brief synopsis.

Scenario Teaser:
Here are the Egyptian forces as laid out in the scenario as printed in the new TSATF Scenario Portfolio.

Egyptian Forces

Major Zed Pasha will command the gunboat Zillah, armed with a Nordenfeldt MG and 4 crew. He has at his disposal a 10 man squad led by himself. On this gunboat is Capt. Raouf  Pasha commanding a standard 20 man Egyptian platoon.

  • One Gunboat: Zillah
  • One Gendarmes Squad (20 Men)
  • One  Mountain gun with 4 Egyptian crewmen
  • One Egyptian Platoon ( 20 Men)
On board the steamer Oasis, is Capt. Ahmed Din Pasha commanding a standard Sudanese platoon and an Egyptian platoon.

  • One Steamer: Oasis
  • One Sudanese Platoon ( 20 Men)
  • One Egyptian Platoon (20 Men)
In this refight the east bank Egyptian commander, Major Zed Pasha, landed his troops in front of some rough ground between two villages. Unfortunately for him there were many rebellious locals hiding in ambush at this very site. As the natives charged the disembarking troops fierce melees broke out which the Egyptian lost and they were forced back into the Nile. The troops still on board the steamer fired volley upon volley at the charging natives trying to stop them from overrunning their steamer.
On the opposite side of the Island Capt. Ahmed Din Pasha continued to steam down the length of the island apparently waiting for a target of opportunity. Alas none presented themselves with the natives hiding in ambush for the unsuspecting Egyptians. As the battle unfolded on the opposite bank the steamer's gun crew began firing in support destroying a dhow and killing several retreating natives forces, followers of the Mahdi.
Major Zed Pasha was able to rally his forces, force back the charging natives, and re-embark his troops on the steamer. He then headed downstream and unloaded his forces, safely this time. As his troops moved inland he discovered more enemy forces protecting the island. Yet none of the houses in the villages were harboring the fugitive Mahdi. The native forces fell back to give ground for time in order to deny the Egyptians their victory conditions. As the two Egyptian commands converged under the protection of the covering fire from the deck mounted cannon the natives retreated all the while inflicting additional Egyptian casualties.
With time running out and the Egyptians unable to locate the Mahdi before the designated number of game turns for this scenario the game came to an end with the Mahdi and his fledgling rebellion as the victors! The Egyptians had failed again, unlike as in 1881 where there were horrendous casualties with the Mahdi's forces capturing much arms and ammunition, the loss of life here was far less yet still a crushing defeat for the Khedive in Egypt!

I enlisted by buddy Bill Moreno owner of “Good Ground” who makes awesome custom terrain for specific battles to make me a custom game board. He paints like a demon, sells the magnetic movement bases we all use and love, and sells the best 10mm ACW figure line (Cracker Minis) on the market. I’d given him a sketch of George’s table, modified of course, because I can’t leave anything well enough alone and he came up with this awesome layout that we’ve used over 10 ten times in the past 15 years! The photo above is the custom boards he created for me adorned with some of my terrain collection.

Here’s a link to Bill’s website:

The boats used in this game are custom made by my buddy “Last Stand Dan”. Please check out his website for pics, WIP’s, great AAR’s of cool battles we played, or to ask him for a quote on a boat. He currently makes different versions of both stern and side wheelers as well as single and double masted dhows. He recently made me a conversion kit to change a dhow to a junk and will be making dedicated junks as well.
Hers’s a link to Dan’s awesome blog:

The rules we use for our colonial games are "The Sword And The Flame" written by the venerable Gunnery Sgt Larry Brom. The rules give a very fun and exciting game with a great period feel. For the naval actions we use our very own Last Stand Dan's rules variant for TSATF affectionately entitled Gunboat & Dhow! This is one of the scenarios that has been included in the newest scenario book available from Sergeants 3, the Brom's company selling all of Larry's rules sets and the official TSATF variants. We miss you Larry!!!!
Please check out their website for details on rules and their very own convention:

The troops used are a mixture of Castaway Arts, Old Glory, Perry Miniatures, Foundry and Britannia. The links for all of which can be found on the main page of this blog.

Rough ground pieces made by my new friend Bill Daniels. Last Stand Dan always has a selection of Bill's terrain to sell at his vendor stands at cons. He makes all sorts of cool hills and stuff. He's currently making me gun positions for my next con game that I just don't have the time to do myself. I'm sure they will be very cool indeed.

Well and walls made by Dwight Jones who is a vendor at all the Florida cons! He makes all sorts of great custom hand made terrain! Hills, walls, dice towers, houses, structures, fields, wells, etc which can be used from ancients to scifi.

Buildings made by the excellent "Miniature Building Authority". They've got buildings for just about every conflict in both 15mm and 28mm scales for ancients to moderns, and beyond (Sci-Fi). Their products have got to be seen in person to really appreciate them and the expanse of their lines.

"Never get off the boat, never get off the $%@#&*? BOAT!

Friday, February 10, 2017




HMGS South's Recon 2017 Convention

                             HMGS South's Recon 2017 Convention

HMGS South's Recon 2017 Convention - The theme is Colonial Battles in Africa and the special guest is none other than Howard Whitehouse. Howard plans on running some games, check the website for days and times. His desire is to run a Darkest Africa 'Astounding Tales' on Friday night (loud, lots of people) and a Science versus Pluck on Sat afternoon.

In addition we will have our regular TSTAF crew running a different colonial game every session on the same table all weekend long. Thus far we have (2) Darkest Africa games, (2) Sudan games, (1) Anglo-Zulu game, a game set in 1903 Morocco, with more to come! More details to follow on all the games. 

Last Stand Dan will be there with his Congo boats, Dhows, and Gunboats! Several of which will be in our scenarios.


Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Congo Boats have arrived!!!

The Congo Boats have arrived!!!
My new custom made Congo / Darkest Africa boats have arrived from the “Last Stand Dan’s Boatyard”.
With all the hubbub about the new rules set “Congo” visions of river excursions, dense jungles, ancient ruins, angry natives, and evil slavers danced in my head fueling multiple scenarios. So I decided to ask my buddy Dan to make me some Congo style boats, and boy he didn’t disappoint! He makes all sorts of colonial vessels, gunboats, stern wheel and side wheel steamers, dhows, junks, etc. Check out his blog for pics, WIP’s, details, and prices (which are VERY reasonable by the way!).
Here is his prototype “Congo” steamer. Simple, effective, designed for gaming, sleek, and elegant! I especially like the paddle wheel assembly and the decks. One look at this boat and I immediately envision it steaming down the Congo delivering trade goods, transporting adventurers, packed with archeologists, or troops and supplies to assist a beleaguered mosquito infested garrison.

Dan has added steel hidden under the decking in the bow and stern to accommodate guns with small magnets added to their bases to easily change the boats armament or have it unarmed without spoiling the look of the deck.

With a quick change of a flag inserted in the attached rod these boats can fly anyone’s colors. Dan will also be supplying various nation’s flags for us to choose from and possibly even various types of armaments.

No Congo or DA game would be complete without Dhows! Picture the evil Slavers prowling the rivers, supplies being ferried up and down river, natives fishing, etc. These boats are at home on the Blue Nile as well as the White Nile River, carrying Dervish tribesmen, armed with cannons, attacking paddle steamers and gunboats!  These boats are once again VERY user friendly and designed for gamers.

this Dhow actually does double duty as a Chinese Junk. With the removal of the single sail and the addition of bow and stern pieces plus two masts this Dhow can be a junk in under a minute! Dan used the same hasp type hardware and thick fabric masts to make this cool Junk.

The Dhow came packed with the mast down and lying flat in the boat. I easily inserted the mast, clipped the (2) rigging hasps, clipped the (1) hasp for the sail, placed the sail line magnet on the hidden steel, inserted the front sail line in the small hole in the bow of the deck and it was ready for the game in under a minute. The mast comes out without having to remove the rigging as the rear is permanently attached and the front lines use hasps to secure it. This is a perfect Dhow for 25/28mm figs. I fit a full 20 man TSATF unit in the rear and a gun with crew in the bow with space to spare.
These boats will look stunning on Dwight’s tables at Hurricon and Recon in Orlando, Florida and Rapier Con in Jacksonville, Florida, where he runs his Darkest Africa games. We use the rules set “The Sword In Africa”. It’s a Darkest Africa rules set from Sgt’s 3 that are in the same rules book as “The Sword And The Flame”. This is our preferred rules set, which we play as often as possible. We usually play in (2) TSIA games at each of our South Florida cons. These games are HUGE FUN and The Sword In Africa is an excellent set of rules for this period and theatre. I may be biased, but I think Dan’s boats are a beautiful addition to anyone Congo, Darkest Africa, or Colonial collections! Dan’s customer service and communication are excellent as well. If you are lucky you may see Dan and his boats at a con anywhere from Colorado to Florida.

A fully loaded and armed Dhow.....

I may be biased, but I think Dan’s boats are a beautiful addition to anyone Congo, Darkest Africa, or Colonial collections! Dan’s customer service and communication are excellent as well. If you are lucky you may see Dan and his boats at a con anywhere from Colorado to Florida.


Here's the link for the local Florida chapter of HMGS-South and the (2) conventions a year that we run as well as the other awesome Florida con, Rapier Con that the Jacksonville Garrison runs each year.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Twas the Night After Christmas.....

A Holiday poem from one of our SMG Club members who moved away earlier this year.

Twas the night after Christmas, when all through Krieghaus,
Not a panzer was stirring, not even a Maus;
The figures were stored in their boxes with care,
In hopes that another game soon would be there.

The gamers were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Gettysburg danced in their heads,
Cap’n Ron in his ‘kerchief, and Jeff in his cap,
Had just settled in for a Krieghaus nightcap.

When out in the lot there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from Krieghaus to see what was the matter.
Drinks in their hands. they ran like the wind,
To open the door – who wanted in?

The moon on the puddles of rain in the gutter,
Gave the luster of mid-day to objects a ’flutter;
More rapid than eagles the gamers they came,
And whistled, and shouted – Dude, they came to game!

As leaves before hurricanes fly in a flurry,
The gamers burst in – they’re in a hurry!
So in to the table-top the gamers they flew,
With packs full of figs - and a few dice or two.

They spoke not a word, but went straight to their work,
And set up their armies; then turned with a jerk,
And laying their rulers aside of their cannon
They measured the distance and rolled with abandon.

And then in a twinkling, was heard in the place
The firing of muskets, and cannon with grape.
They added their mods, and were rolling some dice,
Morale checks were made – not once but then twice!

They sprang to their feet, having rolled very well,
Fist pumping the air, a story to tell.
And they all then exclaimed, while adjusting their aim
Merry Christmas all, and to all a good game!

Happy Holidays from "sunny and warm" Boston...
Bob Walton

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TSATF Games at Hurricon 2016

                    TSATF Games at Hurricon - 2016 - 22 - 25 Sept. 2016


            The Battle of Aba Island - The Hunt for the Mahdi, 12 August 1881.

This is a gunboat I made in early 2000 from a hull picked up from a colonial gamer on the net. Being my first attempt at any nautical craft it is a fairly usable and fun model. However, compared to my buddy Dan's recent creations I should just give it to my kids to play with....LOL. The figs are 28mm by Castaway Arts (Infantry) and Old Glory (Crew), and the flag is by the awesome Rick O'Brien of the Rick has done ALL my colonial flags and I can't recommend him enough for any and all period flags in many scales. Check out my links list for links to all these great mfgrs.

Check out Dan's awesome blog and fantastic hand made gunboats:

Nevertheless I still really like this boat and will be using it in my upcoming Sudan game based on the first official clash of arms between Egypt's Khedive and the self proclaimed prophet, the expected one, Muhammad Ahmad the Mahdi!

Check out the link for a quick bit if history: