The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

18 September 1890 - Lieutenant Lowell & Naik Majendra Bahadur Gurung #4864, Billy Fish


Lieutenant Lowell and Naik Gurung # 4864 are moving through the foothills looking for good ground for the 1st Brigade to advance upon. 

As the Russians move south across the Chitral Territory border …..

….the British move north towards Chitral to relieve the beleaguered garrison of Chitral Fort. 

The Anglo-Indian 1st Brigade of the Chitral Field Force is probing north towards the Chitral territory. The attached political officer Lieutenant Reginald Lowell scouts ahead with a patrol of the 77th Bengal Lancers and is accompanied by his adjutant Naik Majendra Bahadur Gurung, aka, Billy Fish. 

Political Officer Lieutenant Reginald Lowell (left) and General Sir Leighton McGuinness (right)

Naik Majendra Bahadur Gurung, aka, Billy Fish, Naik Gurung # 4864 of the 2nd Gurkhas. 

They have come across many villages and tribes of various Pashtun peoples. Some encounters have been productive, others have not.

On the approach to Shalkani village Jemadar Singh of the 77th Bengal Lancers dismounts with one section and advances on foot, lead by LT Lowell and Naik Gurung #4864, while the remaining section maintains a perimeter security picket. 

Naik Gurung #4864 makes contact with a shepherd who takes him to the village head man’s house where LT Lowell and Billy Fish make introductions. 

They are invited to tea and discuss the world. As LT Lowell questions the village elder he sees an old British cavalry saber by the fire, he moves towards it, noticing the Ishapore India 1840 manufacturing stamp. As he attempts to pick it up Tulwars are drawn and jezzails are pointed towards the ferenghi. LT Lowell draws his saber as well. 

Billy Fish does not draw his weapon, instead he laughs loudly. They all look at each other and a riotous laughter breaks out amongst them all. 

“I see you like my saber Lieutenant!” says Abdali Rahimi Khan. 

“Yes indeed Khan” LT Lowell responds. “I noticed a barracks and date stamp, Ishapore India, 1840!”

“You have good eyes and even better perception for a foreigner.” Abdali says with squinting eyes. “My father served in the 3rd Bengal Native Infantry Regiment  during the Indian War for Independence, this saber belonged to his officer who died protecting his men! No one touches this saber. “

“Understood Khan, my apologies for any disrespect and my gratitude for your family’s service to the crown!”

With many stories being told and the sun beginning to set LT Lowell and Naik Gurung #4864 bid farewell. 

LT Lowell and Naik Gurung #4864 discuss the meeting as they head back to their cavalry escort. 

“That was a very productive meeting. Cooler heads prevailed thanks to you old boy! The general is going to be very pleased with the information we gained about the surrounding tribes and the hidden pass through the mountains.”

“Yes sahib, what do you think 
Abdali Rahimi Khan will do with the rupees and rifle you gave him. I have a feeling we will see him again sah.” Billy Fish exclaimed. 

That night LT Lowell briefs General McGuinness and his staff.

This action was fought out using a deck of playing cards and TSATF to determine the characters actions.