The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Bolt Action Game - France 1941, Sedan


26 June, 2021. Duane, aka Doc Yeungling a member of our group who had moved to northern Florida drove down this Friday to run a WWII game for us at Das Krieg Haus. This will be the scenario he’s going to run at this years HMGS-South’s HurriCon 2021

SMG - South Florida Miniatures Gamers link: 

28mm WW2 Blitzkrieg, early war May 194 against three German Platoons in May of 1940. German counter to regain supply route on their axis o your Bolt Action 2 books, but there 
will be some minor rule modific for either ease of play, or realism. 

                  Pregame, table being set up for the battle. 

The table and figures are absolutely amazing, what a visual treat. Doc Yeungling used Bolt Action V2 rules. I’m sure to many it’s a fine set, however it was mot my cup of tea. Nonetheless it was a beautiful table and a fun game!

Here’s the link for the official Bolt Action rules and products.                Bolt Action - Warlord Games

AAR provided by Doc Yeungling who ran the game.

Set in May 1940, near Sudan. French have counterattacked in strength and have a defensive position on an axis of supply, awaiting the Germans.

A German infantry company with support of an HMG, and Medium Mortar section, an artillery batter strike, and air support, with Sturmgeshutz Platoon attached, and Kampfgroupe Commander.

Several buildings are along the road, with assorted trees, walls, hedges, and fields breaking up line of fire, with the crossroads in the left center of the battle.

The French have two infantry platoons supported by a Char Bis heavy tank section, and a light AT gun section, with a medium mortar section. They have managed to get their infantry in buildings and along two stone walls for the most part with squads and support elements in woods, or in the fields to the South of the road.

 The German spread out their infantry platoons across the North side of the table to diffuse the combat power of the French and find a place to break the line or flank them. They grouped the assault guns to their left flank.

 Though the Germans were able to mass the fire from the assault gun light howitzers, they could not penetrate the heavy armor of the lone French tank on their left. They did managed to pin, and cause some casualties, but the stone buildings and terrain gave the advantage to the French. The Germans attacked the center crossroads with two infantry platoons with their armor support on the left. However, the German assault developed and was slowed by unexpected heavy casualties, and pins, while their tow tanks rebuffed all attacks. At best the German air attack caused pins to the French armor while their third platoon managed to get to the far right flank around the French. 

 Telling was the inability of the Germans to get a foot hold in the crossroads in a timely manner, with ineffective fire at the French armor.

 The Germans lost about 25% of their infantry power trying to get close to assault the crossroad, but could not budge the French, with no real way of killing the armor, until they could close assault with the AT grenades, and Panzerknocker teams, or wait for more air cover, and support.


In the end the French were able to stop the Germans for the morning (marginal victory), but two things were apparent. One, the Germans had worked to the far right flank, and could catch the French defending that side of the table in a crossfire, and assault the flank with a fresh squad, and with heavy casualties the Germans on the left could bring fire from the assault guns to the crossroads on the flank. This while though taking more casualties, the Germans where finally getting into position. 

               A dram of Good libations to grease the treads. 

Doc Yeungling mulling over the battlefield casualties. 

Some of the local SMG Crew in our Ft Lauderdale Florida clubhouse, Das Krieg Haus. 

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Dispatches from Chitral 18 July 1890 - LAF NWF Campaign


Dispatches from Chitral

18 July 1890

FROM: Colonel Dano MacGurule, Commander Chitral Garrison 
TO: General McGuinness, Commander Chitral Field Force
CC: Lt. General. Sir Bindon Blood, C-in-C Rawalpindi

General McGuinness, the siege of our garrison continues old boy. We'd received sporadic musketry fire from the environs early on with minimal casualties, our beloved doctor Capt Stevens had kept us all healthy and patched up, there are no mortal wounds thus far. However, Johnny Pathan has become emboldened and has taken up positions along the gardens walls and within several structures close by the fort. The sporadic musketry has turned into a rather hot fire all throughout the day and long into the night to try to keep us on edge. We believe they are also digging tunnels as we can hear the scraping at night as well as building sangers within effective range to bring more accurate fire to bear. We caught one bloke poking around our tower guarding our water supply, I do fear they will try and cut us off from the river water supply shortly. I'm organizing a sortie for the evening of the morrow to clear the nearby structures and destroy any discovered mines. Please continue on with most haste sir. See you in the mess old boy!

Yours respectfully,
Colonel Dano MacGurule, Commander Chitral Garrison 

Pathan tribesmen snipe the Anglo-Indian defenders manning the ramparts of Chitral Fort. 

More Pathan tribesmen occupy the structures close to the fort and use the walls surrounding the gardens and fields as hard cover. 

Link to the campaign thread on the Lead Adventure Forum. 
An epic NWF Campaign 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dispatches from Malakand 18 July 1890 - LAF - NWF Campaign

Dispatches from Malakand

18 July 1890

FROM: General McGuinness, Commander Chitral Field Force

TO: Lt. Gnl. Sir Bindon Blood, C-in-C Rawalpindi

Dear General Blood. 1st Brigade has reached Malakand unmolested and have set up a cantonment in the vicinity.  We eagerly await the arrival of our 2nd Brigade commanded by newly promoted General Hall. 

They have left Jalala and are marching to Dargai. 

Our scouts report much activity in the surrounding hills, especially behind us. I fear General Hall may be in for some sticky business. 

      1st Brigade Cantonment in the vicinity of Malakand.        

                           A scout from the Corp of Guides. 

Pathans in the Hills watching the 1st Brigade set up the cantonment.