The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Яussian Colonial Artillery Limber by Askari Miniatures


I've always wanted to build a Russian colonial force for use in Central Asia, the Boxer Rebellion, as well as what if's in Afghanistan, Australia, Japan, and elsewhere... For starters my Russians are engaged in a NWF campaign invading south from Bukhara into Chitral Territory as being recoded on The Lead Adventure Forum - Never Trust Anyone On The Frontier NWF Campaign and where I entered this campaign on my blog.

I love to research the units, uniforms, battles, commanders, etc. Whenever I decide to build an Army I usually buy figures from every manufacturer who produces the ones I need or that I can use for the period or battles in question. For this project I started with Askari Miniatures and Eureka Miniatures. 

For this blog post I'm going to focus on the Russian Artillery Limber made by Askari Miniatures (Russian Limber). I love Al's Limbers and guns. The quality is top notch, the castings clean, and all the items are thoroughly researched. These products are quite possibly the best guns and limbers on the market in this scale.

From the Askari website:

While the other Great Powers participated in the "Scramble for Africa" in the late 19th century, the Russians   advanced eastward and southward into the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The armies of the Caucasus and Turkestan became the sources of military innovation for the rest of the army.

Our Russian figures represent the army that conquered Turkestan in the 1860s and 1870s. Their uniquely Russian-style uniforms became general issue throughout the army. Thus, sometimes with a change of color, these figures can be used for the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78, also known as the Bulgarian War of Independence.

                   Russian limber mechanical drawing   

                        Russian Limber (A-10p)

Russian limber and the A-8 Russian 4lb gun (A-8-A-10p)

             The limber with a six-horse team (A-10&6horses)

My limber in progress on my work bench. 

The limber I received had a long limber pole for a full 6 horse team. I cut it in half to use for 4 horses on 2 separate stands of 2 horses each. I intend to build a second limber with 4 horses harnessed in 2 pairs on one stand. Here’s the limber on my bench being completed for a campaign game being run at HurriCon-22  in Orlando / Kissimmee the following weekend. 

The model came very clean with minor flash.The parts fit together well and are sturdy. 

I didn't use Al's horses only because as a buddy of mine gave me his extras he wasn't going to use.

Here is the Askari 4LB Gun and Limber in action facing British troops on the Northwest Frontier. 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Sword And The Flame Demo Games at Recon-23


SMG - South Florida Miniatures Gamers are hosting a few small come and learn to play TSATF - The Sword And The Flame demo games at the upcoming HMGS-South ReCon-23 convention ( These will be 1-1.5 hour mini games with 1-2 players per side and only 1-4 units per side with scenarios set in Afghanistan and North Africa. The Afghanistan games and will see the Russians moving south into Chitral Territory and the French vs  Berber natives in North Africa. 



                                                                        Russians  in Afghanistan.  



              Moroccans attacking a French held train station. 


                                                                    Pathans advancing. 


Bedouin  riflemen advancing. 

French Foreign Legionnaires  marching towards the sounds of small arms fire.  

French Sailor, with a Baumal’s Flags and Brewery flag.  

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Prisoner – Rescue Colonel Flashman - Sudan 1885


The Prisoner - Rescue Colonel Flashman - Sudan 1885

Friendly Sudanese tribesmen have notified the Anglo-Egyptian HQ that a gathering of Dervishes encamped some miles distant appear to have a white captive with them. It is suspected that said prisoner to be none other than Colonel Sir Harry Flashman who was reported missing last week from a survey party. London has stated that Colonel Flashman will be rescued at all costs – dead or alive!

Imperial Forces:

Senior Officer:  Colonel Rick Welch, DSC

Has a full Sudanese Infantry Battalion.

  • (4) Infantry Companies (20) men each. 

Subordinate Officer: Captain Chip Coffey, DSO

Has a mixed force of:

  • (1) Cavalry Troop of (12) men
  • (1) Disembarked Naval MG with (3) crew.
  • (1) Armed Steamer with:

(1) 3LB Medium gun and (3) gunners,

(1) MG with (3) gunners,

(1) Naval Infantry Platoon (20) men.



Imperial units will enter the table on the short side of the river end and will move as their card colors are pulled. The Cavalry may enter on any board edge save the entry point after turn #3. The Steamer may start docked or enter any turn.


Terrain considerations:

These small houses may conceal 5 men. The houses will provide class III cover. The roof tops class II.


The wadi will be treated as Rough Terrain and is Class III cover for troops lining the banks. The dense scrub-growth is Rough Terrain and concealment for prone figures but provides no cover from fire. The palm groves are Rough Terrain and Class II cover. The low ridges are Rough Terrain and offer Class II cover.



The Anglo-Egyptian force must free the prisoner at all costs.


Special Rules:

In order to enter or exit a structure, ascend or descend stairs, cross undefended low walls, climb a sand dune, embark or disembark a conveyance, you must drop the high die. 


To break into a defended building a 5-6 on a D6 must be rolled to break down the door. Then the Melee will take place. The first 2 defenders get the benefit of cover the remainder do not unless actually behind a barricade.


Scenario Options:

At the beginning of every movement turn the GM will roll a D20. On a 20 a freak flash flood will rage through the wadi filling it for 1 turn making it impassible. 50% of any troops inside will drown. Place half of the survivors on one side of the bank and half on the other.


Use the limited ammo rules for the MG.

Die Roll – D6



5 Rounds


6 Rounds


7 Rounds


Game Length:

The game length is 10 turns, then it becomes nightfall and the Dervish will be breaking camp and execute the prisoner or turn him over to the Mahdi.


Victory Conditions:

It will be deemed a major Imperial Victory if Lt. Flashman is rescued alive and is safe in the care of the Imperial Forces at the end of 10 turns. The Officer commanding the rescue force will be eligible for the Victoria Cross. A Major Defeat will be declared if Colonel Flashman cannot be recovered Alive and the commanding Officer may be cashiered. 

This is going to be run at ReCon in Kissimmee Florida (4/27/23) by David Welch as a memorial game for his father who recently passed away.

Rick and I were discussing several projects and scenarios he wanted to run now that he finally retired and would have the time. Very unfortunately he had lost his battle with cancer a short time later.  

Rick is far right, huge smile as always  he loved playing TSATF - The Sword And The Flame ! Here he is at one of my game tables at an HMGS-South con.

Friday, March 3, 2023

TSATF Games at upcoming USA Conventions- TMP Topic


In response to a post on a hobby site “The Miniatures Page” on the 19th Century board, sub page The Sword And The Flame it was asked if there are any cons in the USA that will have TSATF games for an inquisitive Brit looking to Holiday and Game. Since I run TSATF games at all cons across the country I attend as well at our local club I figured I’d reply  

Here’s’s the TMP Topic Link, and my response below.  

Hi Patrick, just to expand on NCC1717, both ReCon and HurriCon in Kissimmee / Orlando Florida both run a full slate of TSATF games. We run at least one TSATF game each and every session on a dedicated table just for TSATF colonial gaming!!!! These start Thursday evening and finish with the last game Saturday night for a total of at least (7) different TSATF based games just on the colonial table, sometimes there are other TSATF games on other tables over the weekend as well. Games are hosted by members of SMG, HMGS-South, Colorado Military Historians, and the The Jacksonville Garrison.

The colonial TSATF games on the dedicated TSATF table will be uploaded shortly.

Con registration and games link: hmgs-south-recon-2023