The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kaiser's Revenge - Morocco 25 March 1903

                               Kaiser's Revenge - Morocco 25 March 1903

This is a follow up game based on the results of last game played in this scenario series.....

Kaiser's Revenge
The recovery of Kaiser William II's favorite nephew by the Bashaw's Black Guard has given the German government a black eye. Calls for revenge and invasion by Hun politicians has been quelled by the formation of an expedition to recover the envoy manned by Aryan troops alone. The failure of the last mission was attributed to the inclusion of subpar French troops.
Having captured the German envoy the Bashaw's Black Guard is taking him back to Tangiers. Intel from a sympathetic member of the Bashaw's court revealed their line of march to a German agent. The German expedition is intent on attacking the column at or near the the port vill of El Safir before it reaches Tangiers.

As the Aryan strike force approaches the port town in the German gunboat Angriff another vessel is spotted on the horizon steaming towards the city. It appears to be flying a French flag.....

The uneasy alliance of the German and French forces to rescue the German envoy Graf Manfred von Kreigsieber from the clutches of the Emir Ali-ben-Fulin Arown has collapsed with the Bashawa's success in capturing him from the pirates of Mogadir and his subsequent forced pilgrimage on the way to Tangiers (the results of the last game). 

                                What will happen next? That is up to you!

                         German and French Marines assaulting Mogadir!

This game will be run at Hurricon next month, an HMGS-South convention in Kissimmee / Orlando Florida, 29 September, 2018. There are still a couple of slots available for this game. If you miss out on this one there are at least 10 other great The Sword And The Flame rules based games as well as dozens of other outstanding games to join in on. We will use The Sword And The Flame standard 20th Anniversary Edition rules for the land actions and our preferred set of naval rules, Gunboat & Dhow that fit seamlessly with TSATF and are an exquisite compliment to an already outstanding rules set. G&D where designed and published by the indefatigable Last Stand Dan's Boatyard.

French civilian steamer with low draft pressed into armed service to compensate for the shallow water is coming under fire from approaching pirate vessels.

the modern Barbary Corsairs lair of Ali-ben-Fulin Arown, the site of the last battle.

                 German and French Marines embarking their landing crafts

Once the game is played I will post the scenario specifics. I'm reluctant to do so prior to the convention as I do not want to give too much away before the game is afoot.  

 Stan Johansen - 28mm French Colonial Sailors from his Boxer Rebellion Line

Convention Link:

Last Stand Dan

Stan Johansen - 28mm French Colonial Sailors from his Boxer Rebellion Line

The Sword And The Flame Link:

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

3rd Place - Historicon Painting Competition (2018)

3rd Place - Historicon Painting Competition (2018)

One of our own SMG members, my friend Devon Start has won 3rd Place in the Historicon 2018 Painting Competition for the category of Historical Group or War Machine. Congrats Devon, well done!!!!!!

He painted these beautiful 28mm Anglo Zulu War British infantry figures.

Here's a link to close up pics on his site:

and then his blog is below.