The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

GRINGO 40'S 28mm - Tonkin 1885 Range - Figure Size Comparisons

French Foreign Legion 1885

This post is a size comparison of these 3 figures with several other colonial type figures by several different manufacturers.

Gringo 40's - French Foreign Legionnaires - 1885, from left to right, codes: FTF-04, FTF-02, FTF-03.

I'm currently painting up some of these lovely figures for a web friend of mine. We are both interested in the Tonkin campaign and enjoy collecting miniature figures. I traded him some lead for my painting services. I plan on painting them with navy jerseys, white pants, white pith helmet, and black webbing for service in the start of the Tonkin campaign 1885.

As soon as I opened up the box of figures I immediately noticed how large these figures are. They are seriously large but are not too large to be used together with other figs on a gaming table once painted and based. That being said I will only use them in units by themselves with other Gringo 40’s as some of the other ranges are just too small to mix well. However I’m confident these awesomely detailed figs can be used with most of the currently available 28mm figs on the same table but in separate units as stated, so I decided to undertake a size comparison with several of the other manufacturer's figs I have in my eternal lead pile waiting to be painted.

Whether you agree with my assessment or not, the Gringo 40’s Tonkin range is so extensive that even if you don’t think that these figs can be used alongside other 28mm figs it won’t matter because this range alone has all the figures one would need to game this campaign on both sides.

Before I post the comparison pics I want to say that the detail on these figs is crisp and clean with MINOR flash and minimal mold lines making the prep and clean up a breeze. This being my first hands on introduction to Gringo 40’s figs, save for the amazing Raisuli figure my buddy the Mad Guru of the Maiwand Day blog fame gave me, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. In addition the uniform and equipment detail  of these figures are spot on historically correct. For example, these FFL figs are wearing naval troop jerseys as the original classic FFL uniforms we all know and love which are made of wool rapidly deteriorated in the extreme humidity of SE Asia. Thus they had to borrow bits of uniforms and kit from the naval troops already in theatre. They figs are also kitted out in the locally manufactured oversized pith helmets.

In the pics you will notice that the casted fig bases are taller / thicker than the other manufacturers figs. Grinding these down quite a bit will make them fit in even better with other mfgrs. Placing them on thinner bases would help as well. They are also thicker and bulker than the other mfgrs but once again, when painted, based, and in action on the table the difference is negligible in my humble opinion.

These figures also have great possibilities for other theatres and campaigns. I definitely intend on getting the full range of these great figs!

The following pics show the Legion figs I’m working on next to many different manufacturers. All figure manufacturer's names are from left to right.

Gringo 40’s, Old Gory NWF Indian, Gringo 40’s, Old Glory NWF British

Gringo 40’s, Brigade Games - German Asia Korp WWI, Gringo 40’s, Redoubt - Sudan Highlander

             Bicorne - NWF Sikh, Gringo 40’s, Castaway Arts - French Officer

Gringo 40’s, Askari Miniatures - French Marine Gunner, Gringo 40’s, Askari Miniatures - French Marine Gunner

Gringo 40’s, Stan Johansen - French Officer, Gringo 40’s, Pulp Figures - US Navy Deck Crew

 Gringo 40’s, Stan Johansen - French Sailor, Gringo 40’s, Stan Johansen - French Sailor

Gringo 40’s, Dixon - French Legionnaire, Gringo 40’s, Dixon - French Legionnaire

Copplestone - British Officer, Gringo 40’s, Copplestone - British Officer

Here are links for all the manufacturers listed above:

Friday, November 9, 2018

Bud's Blast Markers - (11/2/18) - Update:

November 2nd 2018 - Update:

Bud's Blast Markers - "NEW"  Blast Pack💥🔥 you get 1 large 1 medium and 2 small for $25 bucks!!! Great product at a great price, just MHO.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Colonial Steam Launches

Colonial Steam Launches  - 28mm

Kaiser's Revenge Scenario action, Morocco 1903. German Marines landing in El Safir with fire support from the Gunboat "Angriff". The Envoy must be rescued and the Bashaw's Black Guard brought to justice. The honor of Germany is at stake!

The Marines are aboard steam launches built by Last Stand Dan made out of the cool long boats from the great folks at Firelock Games in their "Blood & Plunder" range. He made a new deck and added a custom made boiler. He also made a separate interchangeable deck with a mast to give this boat even more versatility. With the inserts this boat can be used as a steam launch, sail boat, or removed and used as a standard long boat / row boat. This is an excellent boat as is by itself as a long boat or landing boat from the 17th century to the early 20th century. Highly recommended!

Here's a couple more pics from the recent running of this scenario at the HMGS-South convention Hurrion held each year in Kissimmee / Orlando Florida. We used "The Sword And The Flame" for the land portions of the game and "Gunboat & Dhow!" our TSATF Variant for the naval portions of the game.  An AAR of this game will be forthcoming....

                               Steam Launches - Land in El Safir

           German Marines disembark while Moroccan gunners load canister! 

Below is an excerpt from Dan's site about the above steam launches and a pic of the kit before modifications.
One of the boat ideas I have been playing around for a long time was that of a Steam Launch.  A year ago when discussing the idea of a Launch, I met my new friends at Firelock Games ( who make that great game of Blood and Plunder.  I found they made a very nice looking longboat which turned into what you will see here.  With a few conversions and some boiler creation help from Mr. Doug Wildfong, you will see my rendition of what I think is a very nice Colonial Steam launch.  I hope you like it.

Sgt G

Monday, October 22, 2018

GUNBOAT & DHOW! Rules for River Combat


Fast Play Rules for Conducting River Combat (A TSATF Variant)

1st Edition Created by Dan Gurule with Co-Author Jeff Baumal

Last Stand Boatyard

Dan and I are keeping the flame burning, TSATF flame that is, lol. Well we've finally done it. The riverine battles supplement  discussed has finally been released! Below is the intended release blog post. I really do believe these rules work exceptionally well with the core TSATF and gives us a great option to play riverine battles and naval actions. And they are BIG FUN, just as Larry would've wanted it.

Gunboat and Dhow!The Sword and the Flame supplement for your riverine battles has been released.  The first edition of Gunboat and Dhow! written by Dan Gurule and Jeff Baumal was introduced and released at the HMGS-South Hurricon convention this last weekend.  This is the riverine set of rules that has been used in local club play at the Colorado Military Historians (

Friday, October 12, 2018

Bud’s Blast Markers!

                                                  Bud’s Blast Markers! 

 World War II - exploding Panther tank and burning building in the background.

These things rock! You’ve got to see these blast markers on the table. I know we’ve all used cotton balls painted in various styles and shapes over the years, mounted on washers or unmounted, etc. Some of these are really awesome and many of you hobbyists are extremely talented. I love making terrain, building, kits, and painting figs, however, I just don’t have the time that I used to and some of my skills are lacking! When I see a cool product for a good price it’s hard to pass that up. 

                            Colonial period: Sudan 1880s - burning gunboat.

I’ve seen markers like these before, but these are the best markers that I have found for representing artillery rounds impacting or explosions. They are also great for representing a burning structure, vehicle, or vessel, and they really look cool on the table top. 

                              Colonial period - destroyed native gun and crew.

They can be used for ancients games all the way to ultra modern, and beyond. Bud makes 3 different sizes, single, double, and triple.  

Here's a picture from the HMGS-South's face book page. Burning Chinese houses during a 15mm TSATF Boxer Rebellion game, "55 Days at Peking" run by Ray Phillips, boy we had big fun. Ray did a great job, ran an awesome game, made amazing scratch built terrain, and great painted minis! The burning bldg markers are Bud's single size small Blast Marker. The report states:

American cow kicks over a lantern or that's the story they are telling. Americans burn their legation not to be out done by the French or the Germans, alcohol is to blame....

 He also has some with fiber optics and in different colors. I’m a standard meat and potatoes historical gamer but if I were a scifi or fantasy gamer I can see how these would be way cool for fantasy and scifi games for blast markers, chemical fires, spells, acid clouds, etc.

                                                      Scifi Air strike!

I recently met Bud and his son at one of our HMGS-South conventions in Orlando Florida. They are great guys and we had a blast gaming. Needless to say we all got and used Bud’s markers in our games. Look him up on FB or email him what you are looking for.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kaiser's Revenge - Morocco 25 March 1903

                               Kaiser's Revenge - Morocco 25 March 1903

This is a follow up game based on the results of last game played in this scenario series.....

Kaiser's Revenge
The recovery of Kaiser William II's favorite nephew by the Bashaw's Black Guard has given the German government a black eye. Calls for revenge and invasion by Hun politicians has been quelled by the formation of an expedition to recover the envoy manned by Aryan troops alone. The failure of the last mission was attributed to the inclusion of subpar French troops.
Having captured the German envoy the Bashaw's Black Guard is taking him back to Tangiers. Intel from a sympathetic member of the Bashaw's court revealed their line of march to a German agent. The German expedition is intent on attacking the column at or near the the port vill of El Safir before it reaches Tangiers.

As the Aryan strike force approaches the port town in the German gunboat Angriff another vessel is spotted on the horizon steaming towards the city. It appears to be flying a French flag.....

The uneasy alliance of the German and French forces to rescue the German envoy Graf Manfred von Kreigsieber from the clutches of the Emir Ali-ben-Fulin Arown has collapsed with the Bashawa's success in capturing him from the pirates of Mogadir and his subsequent forced pilgrimage on the way to Tangiers (the results of the last game). 

                                What will happen next? That is up to you!

                         German and French Marines assaulting Mogadir!

This game will be run at Hurricon next month, an HMGS-South convention in Kissimmee / Orlando Florida, 29 September, 2018. There are still a couple of slots available for this game. If you miss out on this one there are at least 10 other great The Sword And The Flame rules based games as well as dozens of other outstanding games to join in on. We will use The Sword And The Flame standard 20th Anniversary Edition rules for the land actions and our preferred set of naval rules, Gunboat & Dhow that fit seamlessly with TSATF and are an exquisite compliment to an already outstanding rules set. G&D where designed and published by the indefatigable Last Stand Dan's Boatyard.

French civilian steamer with low draft pressed into armed service to compensate for the shallow water is coming under fire from approaching pirate vessels.

the modern Barbary Corsairs lair of Ali-ben-Fulin Arown, the site of the last battle.

                 German and French Marines embarking their landing crafts

Once the game is played I will post the scenario specifics. I'm reluctant to do so prior to the convention as I do not want to give too much away before the game is afoot.  

 Stan Johansen - 28mm French Colonial Sailors from his Boxer Rebellion Line

Convention Link:

Last Stand Dan

Stan Johansen - 28mm French Colonial Sailors from his Boxer Rebellion Line

The Sword And The Flame Link: