The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Friday, July 23, 2021

“Never Trust Anyone on the Frontier” an epic NWF Campaign

 I’ve joined a truly epic NWF Campaign run by an exuberant gentleman from Italy based on a website hobby platform The Lead Adventure Forum. This is a remote campaign with folks across the globe. 

I intend to post my own personal adventures within the campaign here on my blog to keep track of my missions, troop dispositions, and battles. My part begins on page 8 of the thread.

A link to the thread on LAF: Never Trust Anyone on the Frontier

And so it begins……

12 July 1890
from General Bindon Blood ,Rawalpindi:
Dear McGuinness, the situation in Chitral has precipitated quickly, old friend Shuja Dad has been murdered by the rebel Ali Razah  Khan who stirred up the Chitralis against us.
Two English civilians residing there were also killed, Mr and Mrs Stevenson, the Chitral garrison made up of a company from the 40th Pathans and one from the Gordon Highlanders , Bombay Artillery under the command of the oldest officer, Col. Dano McGurule  closed in the fort , I don't know how long it will last.
You must immediately organize 2 brigades plus divisional troops and move quickly from Nowshera to Chitral.
Bring a good political officer with you as you will have to cross territories populated by warrior tribes and you may encounter further difficulties.
good luck my friend

14 July 1890

General BBlood, yes indeed sir, the warnings are certainly dire. We have mustered our forces and are moving post haste to the disturbances in the Chitral district. As ordered we have formed (2) Brigades with the required attached auxiliary troops. Our troops morale is high, they are certainly itching for a fight!  Cavalry scouts have already been sent out along our proposed march route. The dreaded Ali Razah Kahn, defender of the faithful text must be stopped at all costs, captured dead or alive, for Queen and country. His lands and village will be scorched. Huzzah!!!!

With upmost respect,
General McGuinness

Foot note: We have attached a most experienced and skillful Political Officer, LT Reginald Lowell. His extensive service and experience on the Grim will most certainly tip the advantage in our favor sir.


Dispatches from Chitral Fort: 

14 July 1890 Chitral outpost,
from Colonel Dano McGurule , Commander of the Chitral garrison.
to Gen. McGuinness in Nowshera:
"we reinforced the guards and a wall that was unsafe. The Chitralis fire a few shots every now and then at our sentinels. Morale is high but I think we will be attacked soon, we plan to resist as much as possible, food and water are not a problem at the moment. 
Our spies inform us that the Chitralis are looking for allies in Kohistan and in the lands of the Chilasis, one of their emissary has reached the tribes of the Mamunds in the Bajaur in an attempt to convince them to enter the war, so the road between Chakdara and the Lowarai pass could be dangerous, unfortunately it is the only possible way  to get here."

Dispatches Nowshera 15 July 1890

Good day my dear General Blood,

We have departed Nowshera with the 1st Brigade and are well enroute to Chitral. We are currently on the move with patrols of the 77th Bengal Lancers scouting to the flanks and front of our column. Close behind them the 2nd Gurkhas have taken to the heights and scrub to flush out any possible ambushers. Our Political Officer LT Reginald Ethan has ridden ahead with a detachment of the 77th Bengal Lancers to make contact with friendly tribes on our route of march in order secure safe passage and possible allies. The Queens Shilling is still worth it's weight in gold on the Grim, to some....

Your humble servant,
General McGuinness

1st Brigade
Col. Robert Hall
Capt. "no boats for me" Lucas
Sgt Major Lawrence Brom
(1) Batt 2nd Gurkhas
(1) Batt Corp of Guides
(1) Batt 66th KRRC
(1) Batt 72nd Highlanders
(1) Squadron 77th Bengal Lancers
(1) Battery Bengal Artillery Mountain Guns - mule born

Attached Political Officer:
LT Reginald Ethan

                             General McGuinness


  1. Really interesting, looks like a lot of fun! I started with play-by-post, so am intrigued. I wonder if we could do this ourselves with the South Florida Gamers.

    1. Jennifer, I’m sure we could. It would just require a very dedicated and motivated person to organize, control, and drive the campaign.
      PS - yesterday’s SMG club game was very exciting!!!

  2. what a wonderful scenery! What an amazing game ... You guys are too far ahead.

  3. Mltiadis, thank you my friend. This is an exciting campaign to be a part of.

    When will we get to see your Sudan game? Have you played it yet? Your 15mm Sudan set up is amazing!