The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Officer of her Majesty's 60th Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 1879, Africa.

              AHPC #11: Level-2, Chamber-3, "Oubilette"

The premise for this chamber of the challenge was to paint something you thought you’d sold, misplaced, lost, or something abandoned. 

For this chamber’s challenge I picked a figure I found from my long forgotten and seemingly abandoned Anglo Zulu War project sitting in a box of a bunch of bare lead colonial figs

This picture was my inspiration, an Officer of her majesty's 60th Kings Royal Rifle Corps, 1879, Africa.

He wears the dark green of the Rifle Regiment in a Cavalrymen’s Patrol Jacket, khaki riding breeches, tea stained pith helmet, and brown leather Officer’s gear. I think I will go with a darker green on the rest of the 20 man unit that I will paint for my preferred colonial rules set, The Sword And The Flame. 

The figure is a 28mm unmodified Officer figure from Old Glory’s 28mm Anglo Zulu War range.

The paints are straight out of the pot without any mixing. I just used similar but different colors for the shading and highlighting. Yes, lazy, I know, I'm just not a fan of mixing paints and trying to match proportions for future figs in the same units and armies.

Here’s my scoring for this chamber in the 11th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challene. 

AHPC #11 Scoring: Oubilette Chamber: 20 pts + (1) 28mm fig 5 pts = 25 Points

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