The Wind And The Lion

The Wind And The Lion
German gunners range in on the U.S. Marines as they cross the vill. Figures are Old Glory German Sea Battalion conversions. Archway by Miniature Building Authority.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TSATF Games at Hurricon 2016

                    TSATF Games at Hurricon - 2016 - 22 - 25 Sept. 2016


            The Battle of Aba Island - The Hunt for the Mahdi, 12 August 1881.

This is a gunboat I made in early 2000 from a hull picked up from a colonial gamer on the net. Being my first attempt at any nautical craft it is a fairly usable and fun model. However, compared to my buddy Dan's recent creations I should just give it to my kids to play with....LOL. The figs are 28mm by Castaway Arts (Infantry) and Old Glory (Crew), and the flag is by the awesome Rick O'Brien of the Rick has done ALL my colonial flags and I can't recommend him enough for any and all period flags in many scales. Check out my links list for links to all these great mfgrs.

Check out Dan's awesome blog and fantastic hand made gunboats:

Nevertheless I still really like this boat and will be using it in my upcoming Sudan game based on the first official clash of arms between Egypt's Khedive and the self proclaimed prophet, the expected one, Muhammad Ahmad the Mahdi!

Check out the link for a quick bit if history:

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sudan Mini Campaign, January 1885 - Rescue Gordon!

Sudan Mini Campaign, January 1885 - Rescue Gordon!

 SMG & HMGS-South are embarking on a 3 game colonial Sudan Mini Campaign to Rescue Gordon! We will be using the Sword And The Flame rules set in 28mm scale. The games will be played out over an entire day at the upcoming HMGS-South's Hurricon-2016 in Orlando Florida. Check the website for details.


 In addition there will be at least of (3) other colonial games being run using The Sword And The Flame (TSATF) or The Sword In Africa (TSIA).

 So come join us in the burning sands of the Sudan or the sweltering jungles of Africa!!!!


                                 Thursday Night:  The Tax Collector
                                        (Rules: The Sword In Africa)

Tax Collector: The local tribe has not paid this year’s taxes. Time to collect!

                                      Friday Morning: The Temple
                                       (Rules: The Sword In Africa)

The Temple:  Europeans have desecrated the sacred ancient temple and are camped there. They must be Destroyed…….


The action in the Sudan starts Friday night with the first clash of the arms in this 17 year struggle against the Mahdist uprising.

          Friday Night: The Hunt for the Mahdi - The Battle of Aba Island, August 12, 1881.
                                  (Rules: The Sword And The Flame)

                  The Hunt for the Mahdi - The Battle of Aba Island, August 12, 1881.

 An expedition is being formed for the capture of a very dangerous fugitive who is calling himself the prophet, the expected one, the Mahdi. He has already refused to come to Khartoum as directed and has declared a holy war against the Khedive of the Egyptian govt. Two platoons of troops will be sent to Aba Island by steamer to hunt down and capture or kill this criminal. Whichever officer captures this criminal, promotion is theirs! The other will face a fate worse than death, a small command in the outer reaches of the southern Soudan!



Saturday Morning: Full speed to Metemmeh! The Sudan, January 1885
                                 (Rules: The Sword And The Flame)

 The Egyptian Gunboat flotilla have been ordered to Metemmeh.  This section of the river is dangerously defended by Dervish guns and roving war bands along both shorelines.  The mission is to steam up to Metemmeh to join up with the Desert Column who are on the attack.  As one of the Gunboat Captains you will navigate your boat through the shallows, directing gunfire and taking fire from captured Egyptian guns and dervish rifles. Beware, Jones Pasha might be present in a converted steamer ready to engage you.

Saturday Afternoon: Action at Metemmeh, The Sudan, January 1885
                           (Rules: The Sword And The Flame)

 This is the second of the Sudan Saturday Campaign: An advance force of the Camel Corps is readying an attack on Metemmeh in order to rendezvous with Egyptian Gunboats that will take them to Khartoum. Local Dervish forces are determined to stop them. Command the gunboats, Camel Corps, or Dervish forces as they clash at Metemmeh.


Saturday Night: THE SIEGE OF KHARTOUM! The Sudan January 1885
                                (Rules: The Sword And The Flame)

Game three of the Sudan Saturday Trilogy. Bowing to public pressure the British Government has raised an army to relieve the city of Khartoum and its popular figurehead, “Chinese Gordon”.  Can the relieving forces of the combined Nile River Gunboat Flotilla and the vaunted Camel Corps reach the city in time?  Here is your chance to rewrite history….